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Leverage Technology for Improved Project Management

Accelerated PM is a firm believer that the most effective project management capabilities come from a three-fold approach that includes finding and training the best PEOPLE, establishing and consistently driving home standard PROCESSES, and setting up and deploying the best TECHNOLOGY that fits your organization’s needs.

As such, Accelerated PM in Lake Kiowa, Texas has built a long-standing relationship with Oracle Primavera Software, the best-in-class Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution.  Primavera has been in the PPM market since 1983 and was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2008.  That acquisition has driven technological advances and increases in user-based functionality faster than ever before.  As a Platinum partner of Oracle, Accelerated PM specializes in the Primavera application suite and provides this software solution to clients all over the world.

Let Accelerated PM in Lake Kiowa, Texas be your partner in selecting the appropriate applications and the proper deployment model to meet your needs with Oracle Primavera Software and other programs.

P6 EPPM Analytics Unifier Risk Analysis XENA

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Whether you need to manage one project or need to manage an entire portfolio, whether you need to use a heavy core scheduling application or simply need an easy-to-use web interface, Primavera EPPM is your solution.  Deployable either through an on-premise/perpetual ownership license model or through a subscription-based Oracle Cloud model, Primavera EPPM is the cornerstone solution for many organizations who need to manage projects, resources, materials and equipment.
Analytics for Our Oracle Primavera Software in Lake Kiowa, TX

Primavera Analytics

Oracle’s Primavera Analytics is a packaged business intelligence solution that provides valuable insights into your projects and portfolios in Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management and Primavera Unifier so you can uncover trends and identify issues before they escalate, helping you to make better, informed decisions.

With Primavera Analytics, you can leverage the power and flexibility of the Oracle Business Intelligence platform to add your own reports, scorecards and KPIs to the solution beyond the pre-configured set of dashboards you receive. You have full control to modify the default dashboards and can build your own reports.




Primavera Unifier

Primavera Unifier can help your organization automate, track, and manage budgets, commitments, spends, forecasts, and business processes within the organization and across the supply chain, including design coordination, field engineering, construction administration, and more. It allows you to develop multiple capital planning scenarios, include top-down and bottom-up cash flow models, and approve portfolios for execution.

Primavera Risk Analysis

By human nature, many project plans and estimates end up being optimistic renditions of reality. Primavera Risk Analysis helps take that optimism into account along with potential realities that can occur on projects by allowing you to create Risk Registers to identify and document both Threats and Opportunities to the project. In addition, with Risk Analysis, a user can quickly and easily apply a templated triangular risk model across the entire project, at the WBS level or even down to the activity level, thus accommodating for both optimistic as well as pessimistic estimates. Primavera’s Risk Analysis then runs through a Monte Carlo simulation to produce probabilistic outcomes for both cost and schedule.

Primavera Risk Analysis can be used to:

• Determine bid/no-bid on projects with unrealistic completion dates
• Identify components that have most impact on delivering on-time and on-budget
• Help determine appropriate contingencies
• Communicate probabilistic outcomes based on the elements identified
• Negotiate acceleration/deceleration amounts
Risk Analysis

XENA Professional (XER)

Designed and built by a joint partnership between Mustang Technologies and Accelerated PM, XENA Professional helps organizations keep their Primavera databases clean during the importing of contractors’ and external participants’ schedules.  XENA Professional is an in-between tool that takes Primavera export files (.xer) and modifies the project, activity and resource codes so they are project-specific, not global.  This prevents a contractor’s schedule and the codes that they use from being added to your organization’s global coding structure.

XENA Professional allows you to create import templates to further facilitate this import process and to automate what you want imported and what you want left out.  XENA Professional solves the problems that companies have when exchanging schedule and project information.


XENA Administrator

XENA Administrator was built with the Primavera Administrator in mind.  When deployed across an organization, Primavera is very powerful.  Keeping that system running efficiently and uncluttered is the responsibility of the Primavera Administrators.  XENA Administrator is a custom-built utility that saves hundreds of hours every year in monitoring changes to the database, merging duplicate codes, provides audit records of who changed what and when, as well as provides information on the user community—who is logging in and when, which employees are assigned licenses, and may other administrator functions.  This application helps maintain order and organization of the Primavera enterprise.