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Project management in Lake Kiowa, Texas can be difficult.  Are there enough resources available?  When will my deliveries be onsite?  Can I use my own equipment or do I need to pay for rental?  Are all these change orders justified? 

Accelerated PM has the expertise you need to help plan, execute and control with effective project management in Lake Kiowa, Texas.  We ACCELERATE the process by providing turn-key solutions that assist your staff in effectively answering these questions for Capital Projects, Shutdown/Turnaround/Outage (STO) projects and Routine and Daily Maintenance projects using the best-in-class software application suite, Oracle Primavera.

Accelerated PM creates order from the chaos of managing cost, schedule, scope and quality.  We can help you deploy either on-premise or cloud technology with real-world business expertise to allow your employees to focus on what they do best—making decisions and managing the project.  Our methods of project management in Lake Kiowa, Texas will help you identify and mitigate issues before they have costly consequences.


Project scheduling and monitoring

  • Turnkey solutions that provide best in class results
  • Assistance in pre-planning and activity coordination
  • Resource loading and daily resource management
  • Real-time changes and What-if scenarios
  • Concrete information for effective decision making
  • Analytics and reporting for project control

Capital Programs

  • Accelerated PM can help you organize your Project and Portfolio Management program into a consolidated, organized and centralized system.
  • Obtain top-down views of how projects are performing, which areas need addressing. Identify issues before they become costly.
  • Prioritize and select the projects that can be completed based on the criteria that matters to you (budget, urgency, regulatory requirements, etc.)
  • Project Portfolio Management to improve your business’s overall performance.
  • Processes, workflows, metrics completely customizable.
Dashboard for Project Management in Lake Kiowa, TX

Routine Maintenance

  • We can show you how to integrate scheduling software with your Asset Management System to help manage resources and ensure that necessary maintenance items get executed on time and you stay within compliance requirements.
  • We put logic behind your work orders

Earned Value Performance Management

  • You don’t have to become a full-blown EVM shop in order to use basic Earned Value techniques to maximize your project and portfolio performance. Let us show you how.



Technical Services

Installation of Primavera software

Accelerated PM has over 10 years experience installing Oracle Primavera products, combined with 35 years of IT experience. The software is installed using best practices from IT and from Oracle. With Accelerated PM, Primavera can be up and running in a matter of days. As part of our installation procedures, you also receive a professional installation document which doubles as a disaster-recovery document. As your partner, we don’t just install and walk away; we install and become part of your IT Support Team for supporting Primavera.

  • Professionally installed using best practices from Oracle Primavera and Information Technology
  • Professionally written installation documentation; acts as a Disaster Recover document

Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Oracle Primavera software

Having technical issues with your Primavera products? Accelerated PM can help resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. Use our years of experiences with step-by-step troubleshooting methods to find and eliminate technical issues and get your Primavera system operating at its peak.

Technical Services Support Plan

We can provide all of the technical support for your Primavera environment. This frees up your IT resources to focus on your day-to-day IT needs and it provides your company with quicker response for your Primavera issues.

  • Offers reduced rates for support of Primavera environment
  • Provides prioritized support of technical issues
  • Offers full technical support of your Primavera Environment

Technical Assessment of current Primavera environment

Not sure your Primavera environment is setup correctly? Let our 35 years of IT and over 10 years of Primavera installation expertise provide you with a written assessment with recommendations.

Hosting of Primavera software

Not ready to make the full jump to Oracle’s software-as-a-service (SaaS)? Do you have limited servers and IT resources? Let Accelerated PM host your Primavera environment for you. You maintain ownership of the licenses, we provide the technical environment and support that you need to get Primavera up and running quickly and efficiently.

  • Hosted environment using Amazon Web Services technology
  • Support of the environment
  • Technical Consulting
  • Architecture Design of environment
  • Recommendations for server(s) sizing


Accurate reporting is necessary to assess resources and track scheduling. Staying on budget and on task requires experience, discipline, and foresight, all of which our consultants have. We can assist you with your most challenging scheduling needs. Our consultants will guide, support, and augment mission-critical project initiatives and assets and will develop reports so that you can communicate resource requirements accurately and effectively. Find out more about how Accelerated PM can help you reach your business goals.

What you put into an enterprise project and portfolio management system is unleashed when you can pull that information out in a format that improves your visibility.  Accelerated PM is adept at understanding and using the correct information from Primavera for all levels within the organization and we have the ability to ensure the report is constructed properly. Executive Management Level information is readily and easily attained and parameter driven for drilling in or rolling up information.  Accelerated PM principals have always pressed the envelope and understood the value of the P6 EPPM relational database and its ability to handle virtually unlimited amounts of projects and data.  We have also driven requirements for reporting and analytical abilities from Oracle Primavera, including designing and deploying many add-on tools to provide customers with data they need to maintain and manage the administrative side of the Primavera database.  Over time, a large amount of unneeded and undesired data can accumulate and Accelerated PM knows how to manage this effectively.


Accelerated PM recommends a role-based tailored training curriculum that best benefits the specific user types to perform their job.  Examples of roles might be Shutdown and Outage Planners or Schedulers, Capital Projects Managers, Primavera Focal Point for a business group, Line Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, or System Administrator.  The training objectives for these roles are quite different and it is not necessary for each person to know everything that Primavera can do; rather focus on combining their business process need with the tool functions emphasizing what, why, and how.  The training for roles is tailored in duration to meet the need of the particular type of user.